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CF Industries, a global leader in nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing and distribution, owns and operates world-scale nitrogen complexes and serves agricultural and industrial customers through its best-in-class distribution system.

CF Industries’ History

CF Industries was founded in 1946 as a fertilizer brokerage operation by a group of regional agricultural cooperatives. In the 1960s, the company expanded its product distribution capabilities and diversified into fertilizer manufacturing. Major investment programs during the 1970s and the 1990s built CF Industries into one of the fertilizer industry's largest companies.

Through the end of 2002, CF Industries operated as a traditional supply cooperative, focused on providing its owners with an assured supply of fertilizer. Typically, more than 80 percent of its sales volume went to those owners.

In 2003, the company adopted a new business model that established financial performance, rather than assured supply, as its principal objective. One critical element of that new business model was a more economically driven approach to the marketplace.

In 2005, an Initial Public Offering completed the company’s transition and established CF Industries Holdings, Inc. as a public company. Its common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “CF.”

In fall 2007, the company expanded its international presence, acquiring a 50 percent interest in KEYTRADE AG, a leading global fertilizer trading organization headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2010, CF Industries acquired Terra Industries Inc. This acquisition positioned CF Industries as a nitrogen bellwether and an even stronger player in the global fertilizer industry. CF Industries leveraged its enhanced scale to seek additional opportunities for growth in the global marketplace while serving its agribusiness customers effectively and profitably.

In November 2012, CF Industries announced its decision to invest $3.8 billion to construct new nitrogen capacity at its complexes in Donaldsonville, LA, and Port Neal, IA. Upon their completion in 2015-2016, these projects are expected to increase CF Industries' nitrogen manufacturing capacity by 25 percent.

In March 2014, CF Industries completed the sale of its phosphate mining and manufacturing business to the Mosaic Company for $1.4 billion. The net proceeds will be used to enhance CF Industries' leadership as a pure-play nitrogen company.

Since going public, the company has produced strong returns for its shareholders, as U.S. and world agricultural markets have responded to growing demand for grain and the fertilizer needed to grow it.